Keynote Speaker: Clarrissa Corbett, PMP
Title: Project Management for the Learning Organization
Competency: Change Management, Performance Improvement, Evaluating Learning Impact, Training Delivery, Managing Learning Programs
Description: In order to successfully run the learning organization as a business, the learning leader must be able to clearly articulate training project scopes and build positive relationships with stakeholders. This keynote is focused on how to apply project management techniques in training development initiatives in order to produce highly effective learning events for the business. Participants will be taken through the process of defining the project scope, identifying the necessary tools and requirements for the project, as well as accurately estimate development activities and durations. In addition, this session will emphasize the significance of ongoing communication and how this can make or break your training project.
Bio:Clarrissa Corbett is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 14 years of experience in training, performance, and instructional design. She leads the Talent Development group at Dimensional Fund Advisors, a global investment firm based in Austin, TX. Clarrissa is a graduate of Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi, and holds a BFA in Studio Art, a BA in English Studies, and an MA in English Studies. To learn more about Clarrissa, please visit her LinkedIn profile:
Closing Keynote Speaker - Rick Lozano

Title: Sweet Caroline! A Super Set List for Sensational Learning Sessions!
Competency: Training Delivery
Description: What do your favorite musicians and great trainers have in common? Engaged audiences! In this high-energy, we'll learn lessons from the world of music and apply them to the way we design, deliver and facilitate instructor-led training to absolutely rock! Rick will talk about modern learner behavior and how L&D organizations need to factor in those behaviors in the way we deliver training. Rick will share some creative ideas and techniques for extending the learning beyond just the now, and also what we can do before training even starts to get people excited to be there.
Bio: Rick delivers impactful development opportunities for companies, teams, and individuals alike. He has worked with thousands of people over the years through customized keynotes and training solutions. Rick brings energy, creativity, and passion to everything he does, and thrives on humor, positivity, and rock and roll to make it come to life! His passion is helping people develop, uncovering - and then realizing - potential, and converting ideas into action to create change. Expertise in areas including leadership and high-potential development, keynote speaking, team cohesion, employee on-boarding, influence and behavior change, engagement, personal and professional productivity, curriculum design, curriculum development, e-learning, virtual facilitation, communication and presentation skills training, train the trainer programs, team building, inclusion and innovation, and playing guitar and harmonica at the same time!
Strengths - Empathy* Adaptability* Developer* Positivity* Woo* Maximizer*
More information is available at
Breakout Speakers
Speaker: Jennifer Smith
Title: Improving Performance with Conflict Resolution Strategies, Effective Communication & Emotional Intelligence
Competency: Performance Improvement, Coaching
Description: Business professionals are often faced with conflict and depending upon how it is handled could lead to low or no performance across industries from all levels of an organization. My experience as an executive, business owner and team member have provided lessons to help others have better performance while working through conflict. All conflict is not detrimental but it is how we handle it that makes the difference in a successful or failed outcome. Drawing inspiration from conflict resolution strategies will lay the foundation for building all levels of management and team member’s performance within their work environments. Conflict resolution involves more than just visualization but applying the latest learning techniques that will enhance relationships and performance. Emotional intelligence gives us options to manage our feelings and self talk during interpersonal and professional conflicts.
Bio: Ms. Jennifer O. Smith served in management, educational trainer, mentor, and coach. She departed Sprint after 17 years and became business owner of “All About You” consulting enterprise. Ms. Smith has a Master of Arts in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix and Master of Divinity from Southern Methodist University (SMU). Ms. Smith has a Master’s Certificate in Pastoral Care (SMU) and Project Management from George Washington University School of Business and Public Management. She completed 40 hours of Sexual Assault Response Team (S.A.R.T.) training through the Methodist Healthcare System. Also, she completed 40 hours of mediation training and served as a mediator for the Community Mediation Center in Independence, Missouri. Ms. Smith successfully blends practical experience with her academic credentials to explore and develop methods for enhancing internal and external communications, leadership training, performance management, collaborative learning, coaching and emotional intelligence that provides a positive impact to people’s lives.

Speaker: Pattie Porter
Title: Workplace Wildfire: Managing Abrasive Leader Behavior
Competency: Performance Improvement, Coaching
Description: Interactive seminar using a case scenario and giving participants an assessment tool.
Bio: Pattie Porter is The Texas Conflict Coach┬« and President of Conflict Connections┬«, Inc. located in San Antonio, Texas. For close to 20 years, Pattie began a passionate journey to help people manage and resolve conflict in their lives and work. By doing so, she has helped hundreds of employees and work teams release their angst and move forward with more productive relationships and constructive action steps. She provides services and training throughout the United States.

  Speaker: Jonathan Ellis, MBA, CPLP
Title: Onboarding Revolution - Make a Powerful First Impression
Competency: Training Delivery
Description: In this session, Jonathan will inspire you to ignite the onboarding revolution at your organization by taking you step by step through the process, strategies, and tools that you can use to make a powerful first impression on your new employees.
Bio: Jonathan M. Ellis has spent over ten years in the talent development field and has  worked with thousands of learning participants. He has been described as a dynamic presenter with an exceptional ability to engage and inspire groups of all sizes. Jonathan is recognized as a leading expert in the art of gamification, the incorporation of innovative gaming techniques into everyday learning. His award-winning work with onboarding has made him a sought after resource to talent development professionals all over the world. Jonathan has presented at national and international conferences, and has been an invited guest lecturer on topics related to culture and onboarding. He is passionate about intentionally shaping culture in order to dramatically improve an organization’s ability to execute business objectives. Jonathan earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Management from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He is a top performer in the talent development field evidenced by his earning of the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) credential from the Association for Talent Development Certification Institute. Learn more by visiting:


Speakers: Marsha Ellis & Jim Lievens
Title:The 4 C's of the Onboarding Voyage: A Best Practice Framework
Competency: Training Delivery, Talent Management, Managing Learning Programs
Description: After effective recruitment and selection, one of the most important ways organizations can improve the effectiveness of their talent management systems is through a proactive onboarding strategy. This session features the Alamo Colleges’ use of an industry best-practice, SHRM’s 4C’s of Effective Onboarding (Compliance, Clarification, Culture and Connection, and in Alamo College’s case, a 5th C, Classroom Management) in helping new employees adjust to the social and performance aspects of their jobs quickly and smoothly.

Bio: Marsha is a Faculty Development Specialist at Alamo Colleges on the HR/OD, Organizational Learning Team. Marsha specializes in the meta-profession of teaching and learning. Prior to joining the HR/OD training and development team Marsha held the position of curriculum development specialist in the Alamo Colleges I-BEST workforce development program. Marsha is also contracted as an informal practitioner in a statewide initiative lead by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) and Texas State University (TxState) Education Institute, to review and comment on drafts of content, standards, and benchmarks from the perspective of practitioners who work with adult learners. Marsha holds a B.S. in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and a M.A. in Adult Learning and Teaching from the University of San Antonio.

Jim adds a diversity of experience (manufacturing to higher ed, public relations to human resources) to his 14 years in the organizational development field. He is an adult education specialist with 2500+ classroom contact hours and certifications and experience in Franklin-Covey programs, DiSC behavioral profiles, Ken Blanchard Situational Leadership, DDI, and supervisory development programs. As a Learning & Talent Management Specialist with the Alamo Colleges he is instrumental in principle-centered leadership programs, team building initiatives, and new employee onboarding. With his UT-Austin BS-Advertising degree, he brings creativity and humor to accomplish his training objectives.

Speaker: Marisa Ortiz
: Benefiting and Ways of Strengths Finding Your Organization
Competency: Coaching, Performance Improvement
Description: Based on a 40-year study of human strengths, Gallup created a language of the 34 most common talents and developed the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment to help people discover and describe these talents. The goal was to start a global conversation about what's right with people. Established on applied positive psychology, StrengthsFinder is a talent development tool that allows people and organizations to shift their attention from deficit to strength, which is the area of most potential for growth. Very popular tool in the IT industry with employers like Facebook and Rackspace, StrengthsFinder is becoming ever more popular common language in the workplace. 2 The goal of this break out session is to allow Human Resources and Learning & Development professionals to dive a little deeper on the tool, how it is used in various organizations, and how to easily implement it at your organization.
Bio: Marisa Ortiz became a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach in January 2015; however, she received her first Strengths certification from another party back in 2011 while training employees at Strengths-based company Rackspace having delivered training to hundreds of professionals in a span of 8 years. Prior to Strengths and HR experience, Marisa worked in non-profits and educational institutions doing Learning & Development, Marketing, Client and Customer Service. Since 2013, Marisa offers consulting to clients in different sectors, industries, sizes and countries. Fluent in Spanish, English and French, with intermediate knowledge in Brazilian Portuguese, Marisa holds a Bachelor’s Degree from UT El Paso in French and Political Science, and an Master’s Degree in International Relations Development concentration. Marisa’s top five Strengths are Connectedness, Input, Learner, Positivity, and Empathy.

  Speaker: Mike Bollinger, HCS, SWP
Title: Why Career Mobility Matters & How to Begin Building a Long-Term Strategy to Deliver It
Competency: Integrated Talent Management
Description: There is a disconnect in the modern talent pipeline. Nearly 9 in 10 (85%) of HR professionals agree that it costs more (52% say much more) to fill an open position with an external candidate than to source candidates from within their organization. Yet, HR professionals say they filled nearly two-thirds of their open positions over the last two years with external talent. Contrast this with the growing expectations of employees and what it will take for them to stay with their employer – from career opportunities and leadership development, to job succession and personal growth. In an economy where jobs are prevalent and employees have a propensity for career change, making sure an organization has the right people in the right roles has never been more important. The ability to make smarter people decisions and drive business objectives hinges on having better insight into employees’ experiences, skills and career aspirations. And paving the way for employees to have a desirable future with the organization can ultimately help to increase engagement and retention. Cornerstone recently partnered with research firm Kelton Global to examine the career motivations of today’s multi-generational workforce and how these expectations align with that of HR professionals.
Bio: Mike Bollinger is an accomplished executive with 20 years of experience in positions of increasing responsibility. Mike speaks regularly at HCM thought leadership events such as Evanta, Argyle, HCI, ICMI and others on HR trends, generations in the workplace and how to measure the impact of HR transitions. Mike is honored to lead a team of industry experts who have strategic HCM Transformation conversations focused on delivering value-based customer solutions aligned to strategies and initiatives. Mike and his team delivers complex business process improvement recommendations, provides unique and strategic insight to drive business success and business case execution / ROI results. Mike has deep HCM domain skills including strategic workforce planning, communication, team building, business case development and leadership. Mike has in-depth knowledge and experience in effective planning, budgeting and management as well as a comprehensive mastery of HCM technologies.
  Speaker: Mary Haskins
Title: Talk to the Talk: How Ongoing Career Conversations Drive Business Success
Description: Increase Employee Engagement and Performance By Embedding Ongoing Career Conversations Into Your Organizational Culture
Bio: Mary Haskins is the Regional Vice President of Business Development for Right Management. She effectively leads and develops a team of 15 Business Development Consultants across a 22-state market to grow the talent and career management consulting practice areas. With more than 20 years of diverse human resource experience both in the corporate and consulting arenas; Mary has a deep commitment in helping organizations, teams and individuals unleash their full potential – particularly within changing environments. In her executive human resource roles at Visa and Plus System Inc., she managed large human resource departments, strategically partnered with senior management and made significant contributions that positively impacted the bottom line. Additionally, she has provided executive coaching and leadership development in China for large international organizations and universities. Mary has an M.S. and B.S.B.A. degree the University of Denver. She is active in numerous civic and community associations, she currently serves on the Leadership Aurora board, which is part of the Aurora Chamber of Commerce. She is an active member of The Leadership Investment, SHRM and the local Colorado HR chapter. Mary is certified in numerous forms of behavioral assessment tools including the MBTI, Birkman, FIRO-B, SII and TKI.

Speaker: Dr. Laura Reza
Title: Big Bang Theory: Talent Development With the Brain in Mind
Competency: Instructional Design
Description: In talent development, you are often faced with two dilemmas: speed to competence and ensuring the concept “sticks” long enough to improve results. You prioritize and choose specific strategies to ensure that you maximize the time you have to improve results. I want to help you. In this session, I will provide you with basic, brain-based strategies to help members of your organization not just retain information but internalize it to improve performance and accelerate change.
Bio: Dr. Laura Reza is a learner, teacher and leader. She coaches leaders to operate at their highest performance. She has more than 18 years of learning and development experience in K-12, higher education and healthcare. She has led several teams to support the organization in talent development utilizing various modalities such as coaching, mentoring, classroom training and eLearning. As the Performance Development Manager for University Health System she co-led various new programs in the organization. These efforts were recognized by ATD, three-time BEST award winner and Chief Learning Officer, three-time Learning Elite award winner. In 2016, the Health System was named Best Overall mid-size company by Chief Learning Officer. Her areas of expertise include organizational culture, change management, onboarding, leadership development, innovative practices and eLearning. Dr. Reza has presented at various conferences and has authored several articles. On her spare time, she teaches online education courses for Alamo Colleges. She holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Texas at El Paso.

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